An annual report doesn't have to use the typical formats that organizations have been using for years. Instead, we created a report that fulfills the purpose of an annual report but can be used throughout the year with a theme of a Day in the Life of a student. Using both digital and printed formats, a Day in the Life of a Sci High Student spans across a large audience.


Having an audience that still requires a printed digital report, we created a design that was easily translatable to web. Having both options allowed Sci High to share their report in multiple ways while keeping design costs down.


Having the report accessible through a link allows Sci High to email out this information as well as link to it when talking to stakeholders and foundations. The digital version of the report includes interactive functions and animation.

ipad background


While incorporating interactive features, the foundation of this report lies on a bed of moving and informative imagery. Inspired Storytellers worked efficiently to capture and deliver photography for use in the report while also planning for continual use in marketing materials, communications and social media throughout the year.