Following their belief that true change comes from within communities, Brooklyn Community Foundation took the dramatic step to pause grant-making and begin the Brooklyn Insights project. Brooklyn Insights would be a 6-month long conversation to aggressively search out varied perspectives and ideas on change and equity from ordinary citizens as well as community leaders.


After announcement of the Brooklyn Insights project, our first step was to immediately create a trailer for the project that would provide clarity about Brooklyn Insights and develop excitement around the inclusive nature of the project’s goals.

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The next step was to create an outlet for people to continue to take part in the project after returning home from a discussion. Brooklyninsights.org was born, featuring stories of attendees, blog recaps of meetings, social media feeds as well as the trailer film. The website would continue to expand as the project progressed. This would include a section for documenting the project, one for a dynamic multimedia report and then finally a section of the site for sharing the Foundation’s plans for implementing their newfound knowledge moving forward.


To instill continuity throughout all media, motion graphics were employed to bring life to the Brooklyn Insights logo. Words in the logo's speech bubble carry the idea that the conversation about the project is ongoing, important and inclusive.

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During the 6 months of the project, Inspired Storytellers was there to witness the incredible conversations taking place between the community and the Foundation. For the 2nd phase of the project, we followed up with participants to tell the stories of their personal lives and their insights on the borough of Brooklyn. In order to share these stories in the richest way possible, we compiled photography and audio into 7 photo narratives that viewers could explore at their own pace to get a better feeling for their neighbors’ perspectives.

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A crucial component of the project was the sharing of valuable information and the Foundation’s plan for what would be done with all of the input from the community. This step was imperative to maintaining the communal and transparent nature of the project.

With this in mind, Inspired Storytellers created a long scroll report featuring animated infographics, informative sound bytes, photographs and a short film about the project in order to share findings in an interesting and easy to consume manner.

The final step of the project was creating a companion print version of the report to bring the findings from the internet to peoples' hands.

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All told, BCF reached 1,000 people and hosted 30 neighborhood dialogues reaching 70 neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The Foundation was armed with new partners, strategies, guiding principles AND the National Committee For Responsive Philanthropy's Impact Award for 2015. Brooklyn Community Foundation has continued to prioritize storytelling in their efforts to inform and engage their neighbors in creating an equitable Brooklyn.