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We were tasked to take a 190 page report jointly released by Human Rights Watch and the ACLU about the criminalization of simple drug possession into 5 and half minutes. Here’s the result.

25 Oct 2016

Figuring out who we were and what we wanted to represent has been a journey that begun the first day we came up with Inspired Storytellers. We take pride in the journey and the many stops we make along the way. Take a look at the many different drafts of our logo and learn more about our process to create a new brand here: 

11 Oct 2016

A young man was sentenced to 20 years for possession of .5 grams of marijuana. His 4 year old daughter was born after he went away and thinks that he’s at work, meanwhile his mother has custody of his daughter. @humanrightswatch has a new report looking at decriminalizing simple drug possession being released soon. Stay tuned. #decriminalize #drugs #louisiana #jail #prison #massincarceration #prisonindustrialcomplex

21 Sep 2016

We were in the #empirestatebuilding @humanrightswatch to drop off footage for a recent project and start pre-production on another later this week in #louisiana More soon when both films are released in the next two months or so.

12 Sep 2016

We’re back from a wonderful camping trip with friends on Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains. Excited to get back to it with the whole team in NYC.  #recharged #readyforfall #creativeprocess

7 Sep 2016

“It has been a wonderful experience to work with such a diverse group of neighborhood residents and the talented staff of Brooklyn Community Foundation. Together, we’re tailoring the opportunity these funds provide to accomplish something meaningful for our shared community.” – Rabbi Eli Cohen, Director of Crown Heights Central JCC and member of member of our #NeighborhoodStrength Crown Heights Advisory Council. Shot for @bklynfoundation.

19 Aug 2016

@brooklynhiartmachine is a collaborative public art project based in Crown Heights that explores art-making as a community-building tool. A $5,000 grant from @bklynfoundation will be used to create and distribute an accessible guide to tenants’ rights to assist long-time residents being pushed out of their homes. Founders @millie_b_ and Oasa Duverney pose with their installation “See the Unseen” at the @brooklynchildrensmuseum. (at Brooklyn Children’s Museum)

16 Aug 2016

“I’m lucky enough to have gone home without being hurt.” – Shaqur Williams, Brooklyn Community Foundation Youth Voice Award Winner.

Two summers ago, Shaqur was confronted by police officers a block away from his Bedford-Stuyvesant home who demanded to know if he had drugs on him or knew where to buy them. This summer, he is channeling the pain and frustration of that experience into art. Shaqur received a Youth Voice Award grant for a new play called “All American Boys,” produced by Off the Page, inc. The play, which premiered in July at MS 51 in Park Slope, brings black and white actors together to examine the differences between black and white teenagers in a community and the way police officers approach them. 

We’re sharing stories of impact over on BCF’s Instagram page, @bklynfoundation. Learn more about the Youth Voice Award Winners in BCF’s #InsightstoImpact Report at

10 Aug 2016

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Last summer, 20 young people from across Brooklyn came together to form the first cohort of our Brooklyn Youth Fellowship. Working at the crossroads of civil service and social justice, Fellows spent the following year developing the Foundation’s first-ever youth-led grantmaking program, the Youth Voice Awards. 📷: @inspiredstorytellers
Learn more about the Fellows in our first #InsightstoImpact Report at

4 Aug 2016