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Man, it seems SE Louisiana just can’t catch a break. #neworleans east always seems to take the brunt of it. Keep these folks in your thoughts. There is a link in our bio with a list of ways you can help the families affected by the #tornado if you are looking to assist. Here, Deacon Ricky Clark leads a prayer for a family who’s house was devastated. #louisiana

14 Feb 2017

Members of @maketheroadny help lead thousands of marchers from Battery Park to the Citizenship and Immigration Services offices behind a banner reading #NoBanNoWall. (at Citizenship & Immigration Services, US)

3 Feb 2017

At Sunset Park High School Career Day telling these bright youngins about the importance of storytelling. (at Sunset Park High School)

2 Feb 2017

Work break at @amerunderground with @adampyburn doing post work on new Medicare Rights Center project. (at american underground @Main)

23 Dec 2016

Here is an outtake from a film we made for @humanrightswatch in #louisiana of Bridget Anderson’s beautiful extended family. Today is #humanrightsday in which the world marks the adoption in 1948 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Also, for those in Louisiana please remember to vote today in the Senate runoff election. At your same poling location as Nov. 8th, open until 8pm. #humanrights #neworleans #vote #nola (at New Orleans, Louisiana)

10 Dec 2016

We’ve had the unique pleasure of joining Rev. William Barber II of the @ncnaacp in ongoing work, and this past #MoralMonday was no different. North Carolina, just like during the civil rights movement, is going to be home to many battles in the name of love and equality. With continual attempts at voter suppression and legislation like HB2, North Carolinians and other Americans will be called upon to show up and fight against this inequality. We’ll see you there… #nohate #nofear #nostealingourvotes (at North Carolina State Capitol)

30 Nov 2016

No matter what happens, we have to move forward. No matter what happens, we have to keep working. No matter what happens, we have to believe. To the youth, the changemakers, the community leaders, the seekers of a better world, we are excited about continuing the hard work to fight for an equitable country for all of us #bethechange #wearewithyou

This is a shot of Brooklyn neighborhood residents gathering to brainstorm how to use $100k from BCF to help make Crown Heights more equitable. @bklynfoundation

17 Nov 2016

We have a great problem right now: too many good choices of photographs! We are working on New Orlean Sci High annual report and can’t decide on which cover to use! What do you think? #scihigh #neworleans #annualreport #creativeprocess

27 Oct 2016

We were tasked to take a 190 page report jointly released by Human Rights Watch and the ACLU about the criminalization of simple drug possession into 5 and half minutes. Here’s the result.

25 Oct 2016

Figuring out who we were and what we wanted to represent has been a journey that begun the first day we came up with Inspired Storytellers. We take pride in the journey and the many stops we make along the way. Take a look at the many different drafts of our logo and learn more about our process to create a new brand here: 

11 Oct 2016