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“I used to go to work early just to see her. I was straight. I didn’t know nothing about being gay. We looked at each other and just giggled. We haven’t stopped giggling since.” —Bobbi Pilgrim (L) on the first time she met her wife Gherri on the occasion of their 58th anniversary. Gherri and Bobbi celebrated their anniversary with friends at @griotcircle, a community gathering of LGBTQ elders of color in Brooklyn, which they attend everyday. #lgbt #lgbtq #elder #gathering

19 Feb 2018

The welcoming squad at @cavecanempoets just won the $100k #SparkPrize from @bklynfoundation. Was so cool to to get an extended lesson from them on poetry’s beautiful ability to heal and captivate. We’re working on our homework! (at Cave Canem)

10 Feb 2018

We had the pleasure of documenting some of the most captivating leaders in the education field for Education Reform Now at their annual workshop Philos in Washington, D.C. We drew so much inspiration to continue on bravely and with self-care as we take part in the difficult conversations ahead of us.

26 Jan 2018

The @bricolagenola annual report is absolutely beautiful! We spent a day photographing at the school and designer, Mary Louise Killen did an amazing job laying everything out. #education #neworleans #louisiana #annualreport #annualreportphotography

19 Jan 2018

Ti is a veteran with Alzheimer’s. Ann cares for him while holding down a job. It’s a beautiful story and one that represents what’s at the heart of the fight for health care. Shot for the wonderful people at Medicare Rights Center fighting the good fight in Washington. Sign the petition to oppose the Tax Bill at

12 Dec 2017

“Rise Up, End AIDS.”

Here’s a trailer we produced for the LGBT Community Center of NYC to promote the 2018 Cycle For The Cause, a bike ride from Boston to NYC to support the HIV and AIDS services at The Center.

29 Nov 2017

We had the honor of helping Phoebe Spear share her story of twice defeating pediatric cancer for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Phoebe is a remarkable individual who is devoting her life to giving back.

20 Nov 2017

Our very first film starred high school senior @_lord_jo portraying the experience of a minor returning from incarceration for @drivechangenyc. Jovan went to college for acting and look at this man now photo-bombing @chancetherapper and @lesdogggg as an extra on @nbcsnl. #HireThisMan #repost @_lord_jo

19 Nov 2017

Check out this short film we did for La Cima Charter, an elementary school in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn developing young scholars to make an impact in their communities. #Brooklyn #BedStuy #EdReform #Charter #Changemakers

8 Nov 2017

How the tables have turned, @philshipmansound. Premiering our film for @lacimacharter tonight!

2 Nov 2017